The Holiday Gift Guide

It is that time of year again- just before thanksgiving and just before we all rush to the mall or spend hours on the internet trying to figure out what to order for all our loved ones.

1. Everyone likes to receive a piece of jewelry that they know was carefully chosen by a loved one. The fact that you pick a certain piece gives the gift a personal touch. You have thought about whether you should give earrings, a necklace, or a ring and on top of that you have put time into thinking about the recipients style. 

2. Jewelry leaves a lasting impression. The fact that jewelry is timeless is never lost on the receipt. Choosing to give a piece of jewelry means you wanted to give a gift that will last forever so that on special occasions when it is adorned the recipient remembers you and smiles.

3. Between the different styles of rings, necklaces, earrings,  and bangles you can always find a piece of jewelry for every taste, style and budget. 

4. Jewelry is an appropriate gift for someone of any age. Why not get your cousin a modern necklace set for her upcoming sweet sixteen? How about a pair of timeless earrings your wife can match with any outfit? What about pushing your mom's comfort zone a bit by giving her a fashion forward piece she would not have bought herself but would be admired by all of her friends?

5. The presentation of jewelry as a gift can be just as creative as the actual gift. For the holidays, you can put the ring in an ornament or tie it to mistletoe. You could have a box engraved with an endearing meaningful message so that not only does the receiver get a piece of jewelry but a nice keepsake to store other jewelry in as well.

We have handpicked some of our favorite pieces for your loved ones below:
1. Simi Polki Studs- These earrings are classic and timeless. their versatility to match any outfit and be paired with already owned necklaces make them a great addition to any jewelry box. They are gold plated with crystals encrusted all over and are light enough to be worn by those who cannot handle heavy earrings.

2. Mirror Rings -  These fun pieces are perfect for any trendsetter you know and are modern and yet classic all at the same time. The size of them are big enough to make them giftable alone. These rings are adjustable to fit any size.

3. Puneeta Pearl Bracelet- This is our favorite bracelet by far. The pearl multilayer stranded bracelet  with a  gold finished polki piece in center make a strong statement piece. The pearls and modern look allow this piece to be worn with both western and Indian outfits. 

4. Divya Necklace Set- Two classy layers make up this beautiful trinket and make it easily wearable. This is a perfect gift for a girl who likes to keep accessorizing simple and classic. 

5. Kanta Earrings- These fun over sized studs come in two colors and are perfect for the modern woman in your life. These can be paired with an outfit as simple as  jeans and a black tee.