The Best Way to Wear a Crown

The accessory we want to highlight to everyone today is headpieces. Indian headpieces are such great way to add icing to the cake which is your outfit and stand apart. There are a few different pieces that can be used to top up or compliment any outfit. The two we will focus on today are the Matha Patti and the Tikka.

The Matha Patti also known as the Maang Tikka is a headpiece which frames your entire face. It generally has a center pendant that will sit on the center parting of your hair and then two bedazzled chains which can be hooked to your hair on either side of your face- generally just behind your ears. The Tikka on the other hand is a single stranded pendant which is placed on the center of your hairline and dangles right above your forehead.

Many people associate both pieces of jewelry with bridal wear and shy away from accessorizing with both through out wedding season. We tend to disagree, with simplifying other jewelry a Matha Patti or a Tikka is the perfect accessory to finish off a look.

Some of the best ways to wear one of the two items:

  1. Matha Patti/Tikka donned and centered on an open hairdo of simple curls
  2. Half up backcombed half down hairdo with a Matha Patti/Tikka
  3. Braided crown hairstyles mixed in with aMatha Patti/Tikka
  4. Matha Patti/Tikka paired with a low bun and center part

Some of our favorite Matha Pattis and Tikkas are the Aneeta Tikka Set, Sheesha Maang Tikka, Amara Tikka Set, and the Sanjana Tikka Set.


We hope this has given some inspiration to step out of your comfort zone this wedding season.